About us

Welcome to TrueKindstore🌷

Our biggest goal is to lighten your day with our selected products without much effort. We want you to spend your time enjoying life in the way you love the most, like, choosing a special gift for someone you love, decorating your home, choosing a treat for yourself or even exploring the new. 

TrueKindstore is a small business online, a dropshipping store set in North Carolina, that offers products with influences from all corners of the world - a wide range of everything from comfortable basic, practical kitchen products, home decor, minimalistic style or that little extra to the everyday life. 

The items showcased on our website are artistic recreations inspired by designer brands. All items are not made or sold to be confused with replica or counterfeits of trademarked brands.

Be True, Be kind, Be TrueKindstore!

Since 2021, we prioritize our customers and we're in a hunt of products that have good quality & price. We work every day so that you can always find products on our website that excite, brings fun, and are practical into your daily life. 


Meet the Founder of  TrueKindstore!

"This store was a dream that was kept in my heart for many years, I always wanted to help people find what they want with minimal effort, to have time for other things. This store was thought and designed in every detail, what I like, aiming at the lifestyle, with selected products to make life easier. A store in the subtle detail of values that I believe.
TrueKindstore represents "Truth with kindness".
This store is a little piece of me, of my care and love for others, made especially for those who identify with the same values.
I am delighted that you found us
and I hope you find what will make you happy!"
It's great to meet you, and thanks for stopping by! 🌷